Home Scandal and Gossip Italian bus driver caught using 2 cell phones.

Italian bus driver caught using 2 cell phones.


Shouldn’t you learn how to drive with your elbows too?

gawker: This bus driver in Rome was suspended after he was videotaped using two cell phones while steering his bus with his elbow. Italians! Always talking with their hands.

What makes this video even more astonishing is that apparently the man was listening on one phone to someone telling him how to set up his email on the other.

One day your bus driver will be sipping caffe latte whilst giving preferred passengers a backrub and having a three way conversation between his mother, his ex wife and the operator at 1800- BON GIORNO.

Italian bus drivers will soon rule the world…

guardian: The regional official responsible for transport, Francesco Lollobrigida, said the driver had been suspended and an inquiry would be held.

Never mind- we’re sure NASA can use someone as multi talented as this man…