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Beijing school offering a course at $46 an hour on how to marry a billionaire.


Ladies: Why work hard when you can work smart?

If you had suggested this ten years ago most people would have looked at you like you had slipped off the moist ravines of lala land. But these days, paying up to catch yourself a billionaire is just the done thing in downtown Beijing.

jezebel: A school in Beijing is offering a course—at $46 an hour—that teaches women how to marry a billionaire, giving students the necessary life skills to win the hearts of wealthy men. This includes, but is not limited to, the basics of makeup and dressing well, etiquette, and how to read a man’s personality based on facial expressions in a photograph.

And how to read a man’s bank account personality based on facial expressions? Hmm- that in itself ought to be worth at least $40, with the other $6 making sure Beijing’s finest women know how to hold a make up brush and of course nod affirmatively when he suggests he’d like to take them for a stroll in his Lamborghini.

One student—who has it all figured out—said of her decision to enroll in the course, “If I can marry a rich man, at least I won’t have any worries.”

Of course there will be other worries- like all the other women who will be clambering over her shoulder the minute she puts her eye shadow away.

Additionally, wealthy bachelors can pay a fee—$4600—for a chance to meet with students in order to look for a suitable mate, which would mean that by getting money out of both female students and their potential male partners, this school in Beijing is basically a pimp.

Aren’t you glad that you’ve finally made Beijing your next to go destination this summer? Why work hard to become someone when you can easily pimp yourself away with your life savings of $46 an hour?