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All the shiny boys and girls attended the Whitney Art Party- the Groundbreakers.

Paul Johnson Calderon
Photography courtesy of Billy Farrell agency. Derek Blasberg, Lauren Santo Domingo, Maggie Betts, Prabal Gurung

NYC– This past Tuesday evening saw the migration of the Whitney museum to new downtown address the meatpacking district. There to celebrate were the usual set of luminary characters that somehow seem to make their tinker presence known when all the shiny toys and accolades make the rounds.

As hosted by honorary Co-Chairs Amar’e Stoudemire, Shala Monroque and Eddie Borgo, special guests included Derek Blasberg and his troupe of hawt models (why not?), the scrawny figure of Paul Calderon Johnson (who it seems was finally released from prison- oh dear) Peter Davis and constant companion Kristian Laliberte, Emma Snowdon Jones (who we later found out ended up in a brilliant episode of pouring her tequila on fellow socialite Kipton Kronkite‘s face), Anthony Hayden Guest chatting it up with a quartet of hawt models, Michelle Harper slumming it in haute style, Bettina Prentice– art doyen, too sultry too look at May Anderson and the duo of Andrew and Andrew who were taking selected guests aside and asking them shocking questions and video taping them- like what is fashion and where should the Whitney break ground next- I proposed Pittsburgh for some reason.

Zoe Weinberg, Adam Weinberg, Allison Kanders, Fern Tessler, Leonard Tessler
Ashley Wick, Andrew Walker, Lisa Salzer
Amit Greenberg, Danielle Vigil

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