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Why did socialite Emma Snowdon Jones wallop fellow socialite Kipton Cronkite?

Image courtesy of Billy Farrell agency. Clay Floren, Emma Snowdon-Jones attend Tuesday night's Art party.

Image courtesy of Billy Farrell agency. Clay Floren, Emma Snowdon-Jones attend Tuesday night's Art party.

This is what turned up in our tips email box Thursday afternoon. After making a few phone calls to verify that the following actually did occur I decided to publish this anonymous email (see below). We’re betting you will enjoy the salacious nature of its contents as much as we did. Woe to be a floundering socialite… The Editor: Scallywag.

This past Tuesday night at the ever sophisticated and elegant Whitney Art Party, my wallflower positioning on the perimeter of the party afforded me a spectacular view of the drunken childish charades that legends are made of in the New York society set. We all hear tales of these girls, but rarely are we so lucky as to be able to watch their actions unfold. I know there are a handful of these rude and rowdy socialites, but tonight was Emma Snowden Jones’ night.

Using Patrick McMullan’s name (rather than purchasing one of the $300 tickets to the party) she swept on to the step-and-repeat without waiting for the approval of the benefit’s staff. Emma will be the first person to tell you that she is the “most photographed person in New York” (whether or not it’s true) and seems to reach her goals by sheer intimidation of everyone’s staff photographers. I must admit, being on her bad side seems like a far worse option than snapping a photo.

The legend behind Emma Snowden Jones is that her parents bequeathed her a fabulous apartment on the Upper East Side as well as a bit of money which was substantially reduced in her divorce. The remaining money she blew through quickly enough with partying and due to her love of being photographed (no matter what she may be doing) she has been rendered completely unemployable now at the ripe old age of 44. Middle aged, alone and nearly broke, she bullies designers to lend her dresses and a series of boyfriends and other well meaning friends pay for her cabs, drinks and dinners…. but not charity event tickets. She has the charm and confidence that has been necessary to become one of the most accomplished gate crashers in New York.

If she was a well behaved guest I doubt most charities would mind having another well dressed woman at their gala, but this does not seem to be her forte. Arriving at the Whitney Art Party already well lubricated with liquor, she took no time in picking up a glass of tequila (which would shortly become a weapon) and began weaving through the guests spouting language that is generally reserved for New Jersey construction workers. At one point a guest in a lovely bright green dress was talking to a man from the New York Times when Emma brushed by shouting “she’s a twat!” stopping their conversation and obviously leaving the girl in the green dress stunned and embarrassed. Leaving a series of these awkward attacks in her wake throughout the night, they did not even begin to hint at the severity of her grand finale.

Everyone has their own opinion on Kipton Cronkite these days and Emma’s negative opinion is not even all that unusual. What is unusual, however, is how she’s acts out on her low opinion in the way that an ill tempered child may. Late in the evening she reached the corner of the room where he was standing and started throwing what can only be described as a tantrum. Yelling at a level that could be heard on the other side of the party that he was a swindler, a fake and other little gems, it was the first time I have ever seen him lose his temper at her even after multiple vicious attacks by her in the months following his and Zev Eisenberg’s well publicized break up. He had barely gotten a word out when she stopped him by throwing a full glass of tequila in his face and quickly followed up by pelting the glass at him as well.

Why we allow “socialites” to continuously defraud charities out of ticket sales, start fights at social events and become overall loose cannons is beyond me. It seems like time to stop giving credibility to these spoiled brats and force them to learn some manners if they wish to receive good press.

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  1. *Sigh*… Emma Snowden Jones is disgusting no matter what her herritage is- even if that night’s hate was focused on Kipton, she seems to have a special hate for soooooooooo many people that its impossible to take her seriously.

  2. Emma- you mustn’t throw gin or other substances on the servants please. It’s not necessarily proper form. Poor Kipton, but he must have deserved it- right Emma?

  3. Patrick McMullen is a sweet man, Boo on her for using his name to behave so ridiculously.

  4. Doesn’t Emma do pounds of coke? Or is that Kipton? God- who can really tell with these 2 knuckle heads which way is up or down.

  5. Who cares about these “Wanna beeeeees”???
    Can you not find some interesting contact on people that are in the real spotlight???

  6. First and foremost, the Snowdon Jones name is a “royal” named linked to an English tradition. I believe the Emma person is from some Jewish background which is not linked to the heritage of the name. 2nd, a socialite used to be categorized as one with wealth, education, class, style and social etiquette amongst a certain “upper crust” of an old family name infused society. I think we settled that with the first point.
    3rd, the Obamafication of the United States of America doesn’t mean that all is fair and equal amongst enriched or established social networks, so let’s not pretend that anyone wants to read about a homosexual and some Yiddish pretending to be British person.

    I think we are all born un equal and less equal in more cases than one would imagine. However, free will and being able to afford an above average lifestyle doesn’t change your DNA, family name or cultural traditions. The smoke and mirros of social write ups and faux pictures depicting 5 seconds of some cheap shadow of “gamour” on the websites doesn’t really make ones blood blue ; )

    Great write up by the way. Take care.

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