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4 year old boy dies after his 5 year old brother shoots him with a bolt action rifle.


A playful fight that ended up turning deadly…

dailymail.co.uk: A four-year-old boy has died after his five-year-old brother shot him in the stomach  with a bolt-action rifle.

According to police the pair were playing with the gun in a back room of their house in Victoria County, Texas – while their parents were at  home.

Which pretty much assures us that the boys felt comfortable enough to go looking for their preferred toys.

Never mind why the parents would make such a weapon easily available in the first place…

The boy’s mother and father called 911 and frantically drove their son to meet paramedics at a nearby grocery store in rural Telferner.

Paramedics rushed him to Citizens Medical Center, Victoria,but he died at 10.31pm on Wednesday, just half an hour after his parents called for help.

Victoria County Sheriff’s Office said they will not release the names of the family until the results of an autopsy are complete.

An ugly scene no doubt that must have come with self recrimination and handful of hysteria. And yet what does a 4 year old boy really know?

Sheriff T. Michael O’Connor said the couple had two other children, who were both older.

He said the scene was so traumatic they were providing counselling for the first responders as well as the family.

What are we to make of such bloody carnage? One day someone will pass a law making the possession of such weapons a stricter code, until then, one must be prepared to bite their lip for the occasional horror story that comes their way…

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