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The Victoria Secret photo faux pas now staring a bloated Candice Swanepoel.


Interesting. Last time Victoria’s Secret super model Candice Swanepoel made a public foray it turned out to be a disaster with the world (including us) questioning how particularly skinny she looked in her photos- skinny to the point of obnoxious rendering.

Never fear. Appreciating that the fashion world was somewhat up in arms with respect to their supermodel’s perceived skeletal frame, Victoria Secret this time decided to take some necessary precautions.

What type of precautions you wonder?

huffingtonpost: Victoria’s Secret had created the Miraculous Multi-way Push-up Bandeau Top just for you!

It adds “up to two full cup sizes for maximum cleavage and fullness.” And two slabs of bizarro shoulder fat for some extra padding between you and the overly-critical press at your next photo shoot. Miraculous, indeed.

Two full cup sizes and what appears to be a pair of football player shoulders wide enough to land a 3 emaciated models hobbling in the dark. Or so we wonder?

Which begs the question- who does Victoria’s Secrets really think they are fooling and has it come to the point that what a woman actually looks like in reality has nothing to do with what we would wish her to look like? Photo surprises notwithstanding…

Then again, at this point should we really care what we are buying or wearing as fashion outlets will always be there to appropriately re jigger the preferred image lest you get a whiff that reality and fantasy are two different things after all…?

Victoria’s Secret model shocks the world by how skinny she really is.

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