Home Scandal and Gossip Tainted pot brownies cut short high school prom.

Tainted pot brownies cut short high school prom.


Oh the tears…

Prom night is supposed to be about drinking, getting that cheerleader to notice you, wearing ill fitted tuxedo suits, kissing another school year goodbye, getting your dad to agree to lend you the car keys, getting mom to give you some last minute making out tips and of course getting high. Or in the case of 4 students at North Andover High getting obnoxiously high and ruining the meaning of life for the rest of us…

North Andover junior prom shut down over pot brownie concerns: MyFoxBOSTON.com

One day into the future at the 20th year school reunion someone will look to take out what appears to be an edible mound of dough only to be apprehended by a phalanx of undercover FBI agents stymied that it took them all these years to solve the case of the tainted brownie incident…


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