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Taco Bell demands an apology.


Taco Bell wants you to know, minimal quality does not mean minimal meat product… and if you accuse them of such, they want an apology, damnit.

Taco Bell is crying foul in their new advertising campaign, launched today in newspapers across the country, in an ad that plainly asks “Would It Kill You to Say You’re Sorry?”  after Montgomery, Alabama law firm Beasley Allen dropped their Mexican meat mystery lawsuit against Taco Hole, er, Bell earlier this week.

Slash/Food: Taco Bell would like an apology from the folks who brought (and then withdrew) the lawsuit against them that claimed their meat mixture was less than 35 percent beef. “Would It Kill You to Say You’re Sorry?” asks the ad Taco Bell has launched today in newspapers across the country.

An ad that will easily tack on an even higher cost to a damage control ad campaign that set Taco Bell back more than $7 million.

And if traditional advertising isn’t enough…

They’ve even produced a video of Taco Bell CEO Greg Creed explaining that “Lawyers Got it Wrong!”

They sure did, Greg. Now we know it wasn’t 35% beef, it was 88% all along. Let’s all enjoy a celebratory Chalupa, shall we?

And as for the ad, do you think they’ll apologize? Personally, we wouldn’t bet our (88%) Beefy Grilled Stuffed Burrito on it….