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Speeding accident leaves mother dead and step dad behind bars.


Amanda Marty and her boyfriend Kareem DuPass, a Brooklyn couple enjoying a rare night out with family and friends, experienced sudden tradedy early Sunday morning when Kareem crashed his SUV into a guardrail, killing his longtime girlfriend, and mother of one of his children, as well as severely injuring the other passengers.

Kareem, a 34-year-old construction worker, survived and has been charged with DWI and manslaughter for the death of his 30-year-old girlfriend. A barrage of other charges include criminally negligent homicide, reckless driving and speeding.

NY Daily News: DuPass’ brother, Jason, 21, was in the backseat with a 33-year-old man, cops and family said.One of the men, his face bloodied, was lying in front of the crumpled SUV when emergency workers responded, a source said. Nearby was a wheel torn from the the vehicle’s rear axle.

Although DuPass’s charges  are plenty, Luzmaria (Maria) Surita, 62, Amanda’s mother, isn’t angry with her daughter’s boyfriend, who she explains wasn’t a heavy drinker. Instead, she focused on her daughter, a census worker who had just enrolled in York College for nursing, saying:

“She was very special to me – my pride and joy, my only child, I really, really deeply miss her.”

Marty and DuPass lived together in Bushwick with two children – Kareem, 16, who is DuPass’ son, and Terrell, 12, the couple’s son.

Sons, who will assuredly suffer the most from this tragedy; just imagine, going to sleep with two parents, and waking up with none.

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  • You may have a point there. Nevertheless- the outcome was horrendous-speeding or drink driving…

    The Editor- Scallywag.

  • john

    Why is the title of this article “Speeding Accident…”? He was driving while intoxicated. I’m going to guess that was the cause of the accident. Maybe ” DWI Accident…” would be more accurate and appropriate