Home Scandal and Gossip Owner of 10 subway news stands busted selling cigarettes to minors again.

Owner of 10 subway news stands busted selling cigarettes to minors again.


Now where will the kiddies go for their cigs?

An owner of 10 subway news stands is a top source of underage cigarette sales according to the Department of Consumer Affairs, and has been busted again– now caught more times by undercover city inspectors than any other cigarette purveyor in NYC.

NY Post: Fakhrul Alam, 55, of Jericho, LI, has been nabbed six times since 2006 during random sweeps of licensed sellers, according to the city Department of Consumer Affairs.

Although the city suspended his license in 2008 for Alam’s newsstand at the 14th Street subway station at Seventh Ave, as well as revoked the license for his kiosk on 5th Ave and 59th St, the resilient Cigarette Czar continues to find his way into a subway station near you.

Alam was busted again in January at his Astor Place shop on the 6 line

Alam, who believes he’s being ‘tricked’ by the older-looking underagers, has amassed $12,000 in fines for his 4 stands.

We’re not sure what subway stand operators are making these days, but $12k sounds like too much money to  be throwing away on not carding snot-nosed nicotine addicts in desperate search of a chic hobby.

Don’t you worry your pretty little heads though, children, Fakhrul doesn’t seem like a man to quit his bad habit so easily… he’ll be there, candy in hand, waiting for you soon.

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