Home Scandal and Gossip Victoria’s Secret model shocks the world by how skinny she really is.

Victoria’s Secret model shocks the world by how skinny she really is.


Why the web is fretting over how shockingly thin Candice Swanepoel is.

It goes from one extreme to the other. One day the world is too curvy, the next we’re looking for missing parts where there ought to be a body. If this sounds like the fashion world you’re right.

hollywoodlife: Does Candice Swanepoel look like a size 8 (yes, eight) to you? That’s what her modeling card claims, but new photos from March 30 suggest she’d be a size sub-zero if that existed. Click inside for more shocking comparisons.

Just look at the legs — so skinny, they look like straight lines. (That’s not how the human body is meant to look.)

Likewise, her waist appears to have disappeared completely.

Candice was the cover girl for the 2011 Swim issue, a huge honor, and her body will land in the mailboxes and on the coffee tables of women worldwide.

Should you be shocked that our collective hero is really a walking jeweled skeleton? In a land of plenty and milk and honey, it’s always best to err on deprivation- after all a picture always says a million words….

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  • gp

    I hope that is photo shopped – she looks like a skeleton

  • Maggie

    This also may just be really poorly photoshoped. It wouldn’t be the first time pictures we retouched so much that the person’s body is completely deformed.

  • Cass

    I fully agree with poster Jen. If I stood like that, I would look about the same. I am at a healthy body-index, 5’4, 110 pounds, and I’ve been about this for the past 20 years. I’ve never tried to loose wight, the only reason I ever watch my weight is to make sure I’m not losing any. I wear everything from size 0 to size 10 – becouse sizing in women’s clothing means almost nothing when compared across different brands, decades, and clothing type or style. There are lots of healthy women both young and old who are as naturally thin as this model appears to be, and calling us skeletons is as false and needlessly rude as calling larger women cows. A healthy female form varies greatly. Women can celebrate this variety, men certainly do.

  • Jen

    Way to post a picture of her in a position that would make anyone look thinner than they really are. She is thin, yes, but not shockingly so. In other pictures, it seems quite obvious that she is a naturally thin woman and there is nothing scary about it. I resent that you claim to be the authority on how the female body is supposed to look (“That’s not how the human body is meant to look.”), refusing to incorporate naturally thin women. You are concerned that a magazine with her picture will make women feel bad about themselves, but what about the thin women you are ridiculing because you think you know what the human body was “meant” to look like? I’m all for including different shapes and sizes and I understand that we are only presented with one kind of body in magazines and the like. But, that doesn’t mean that there is anything inherently bad about these body types.