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Japanese man rescued 9 miles out to sea after house swept out by tsunami


‘I thought today was going to be my last day alive…’

Now the pockets of miracles. Just when you think that Japan is facing long hurdles of misery and woe comes at least one redeeming tale.

nydailynews: Hiromitsu Shinkawa, 60, had seen his wife swept away by the tidal wave that washed his home away and sent him swirling into the open ocean clinging to debris.

He spent two days on the makeshift 10-foot raft his roof had become, trying to hail rescuers with a scrap of red cloth affixed to a long stick.

“Several helicopters and ships passed by, but none of them noticed me,” he was quoted as saying by the Kyodo news agency.

Finally, someone on a passing naval destroyer spotted him and sent a small boat to fetch him.

When he was brought on board, Shinkawa immediately burst into tears.

And this is the resilience of man, even after he has seen his wife, home swept away, what he has always known-  he clings onto life- clings because it he is ultimately compelled to live, even in the depths of ruins.

“I thought today was the last day of my life,” he said.

Shinkawa’s hometown, Minamisoma, where 10,000 people lived, was completely obliterated by the tidal wave.

Would you have been able to cling on if you were in Hiromitsu’s position?