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Indian politician spends $22 million on his son’s wedding and invites 18 000 guests.


Did you happen to be one of the 18 000 guests at Kanwar Singh Tanwar son’s wedding recently?

In a sign that gentry and politicians have little affinity for their economically bereaved countrymen, Indian politician Kanwar Singh Tanwar spared no expenses as he invited guests to his son- Lalit Tanwar‘s wedding to his bride to be Yogita Jaunapuria. What type of expenses you’re wondering. Hop into your diamond helicopter and follow this way…

dailymail.co.uk: The bride’s family is understood to have given the groom a Bell 429 helicopter  as a wedding gift. But because it could not be flown to the party they presented the groom with a silver model instead.

Gifts for the guests included up to £30 each in cash, a shawl for the women and a suit for the men, and a silver coin commemorating the occasion.

Even the barber went home much happier having received an impressive £2,000 in tips alone.

When was the last time you walked out of a night on the town with a new suit and more money in your wallet?

The lavish wedding comes despite pleas from Mr Tanwar’s party leader, Sonia Gandhi, for her members to be more modest with their shows of wealth and identify with ‘the common man’.

And the event does not reflect well on a country that has been mired by a series of corruption scandals involving government leaders, corporate figures and media leaders in the past year,

Oh well, at least everyone had a good time- all 18 000 of them, never mind the other 1.2 billion fellow countrymen who probably watched on from gilded gates.

  • tiny little ones

    totally disgusting……… with the mulitude of indians living in the streets and not having enough to eat and these idiots wasting this money on nonesense……………. totally disgusting…….