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Timo Weiland 2011 Fall Collection.


Photography by Gordon Ho.

Every girl (and guy) that loves Chuck Bass will love Timo Weiland. Their career actually started with Gossip Girl after Timo Weiland and his partner Alan Eckstein met and collaborated on a line of neckties. Impressing the producers of Gossip Girls before even debuting the neckties in stores, Timo Weiland had already perfected their dapper aesthetic.

Continuing a play on their “Chuck Bass-ness”, for their second Mercedes Benz Fashion Week show the team debuted a smart line of menswear inspired unisex clothing. With an obvious sixties and British influence, Timo Weiland consisted of bold prints and plaids that laid on top of delicate silk wools and organza. Paying homage to British colonial life in India, Timo Weiland used animal prints as the embroidered embellishment as a statement for clothes that reference a typically safe and staid cut.