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In defense of the mid 20 year old male.


With the barriers of what makes a man desirable and worthy of a woman’s attention, isn’t it any wonder that most men are in a kind of shell shock when they walk out the door? Turn on your TV and all you see is the wider media congratulating such a such man who is the most wealthiest man, handsome, successful,star rocker, star internet developer, star media icon and lest you wonder that after a while most men resort within themselves in fear that somehow they don’t measure up to women’s and societies expectations of who they should be and why indeed it is taking them longer than previous generations to get there.

And why is it taking longer to get there? Because for one men really don’t want to get there- they just believe it or not want to be valued for their inner self and not have to be pushed to become a preferred super hero who can now finally be worthy of a woman’s affections, until then he is put on the back burner. But in a society kindled by over achievement this is hardly an option for a man if he ever has any intentions of scooping a great woman off his feet. Then there’s the reality, it’s getting harder than ever to become the success story.

With a moribund world economy, saturated in upcoming rock stars, media stars, investment bankers, making it is simply getting harder and longer and yet a woman knows she can never settle for less (that little time clock is always reminding her she needs a strong caveman to be the provider, or does she?). So what can a man do in the meantime? Nothing but keep trying and convalesce with his male equivalent peers at some cheesy bar, X box game and wonder aloud to themselves why women for once just can’t love a man who is in pursuit of ‘self’ and not some trophy.



  1. Her “elk,” huh? I lol’d. Re-read what you write next time. Pretty interesting article though.

  2. Herb Ritz was quite gay. And in his time ….

    Also, one never considers the economy on the effects of coasting for some reason. Less jobs = more free time, more chilling out and less production.

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