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Addicted to Farah Angsana.



Photography by Gordon Ho. Farrah Angsana 2011 Fall Collection.


While famous for her bridal couture, Farah Angsana 2011 Fall fashion show was all about 70’s glitz. With plenty of fur and sparkles, (PETA may not have enjoyed the show), one had the feeling that they were adulating in the caverns of a bygone Studio 54. With bold lines, with wide satin sleeves (as if a Geisha girl) the models strutted down with come hither zen. The forms themselves were simple but what Farah does best is the way she uses the space in and around the voluminous lines, creating a relaxed sultry billowy elegance. The disco glitter pants were to be sure also a smash and mashed with simple asymetric chiffon tops accentuated the designers affinity for glam.