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Farah Angsana: Fur and Fuchsia

Photography by Jay Li.

Farah Angsana knows what she’s doing. The years have proven her a force in classic evening wear, but don’t think for a second that means she’s boring. Though Angsana traffics in relatively conservative styles and silhouettes, she has proven with her Fall 2010 line that there is always room for innovation.

Most of these looks would be more at home at a charity gala than a night on the town. Many of the cocktail dresses featured beautiful detailing like intricate hand beading and feathered accents, but the real star of the night was Angsana’s use of fur. Anyone who’s been on the streets of New York the last few days knows that fur hats are hot right now, and this line is pushing the trend in the natural direction. While every piece that used the trademark fox fur garnered titters of audience approval, a gunmetal-colored lurex evening coat with fur collar and cuffs sent excitement through the room when it went down the stark white runway.

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