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Dianna Agron can fire you if she feels like it.


It’s time to fawn over former child prodigy actor turned current wet dream to young boys discovering puberty- Dianna Agron. But it’s going to cost you. NY Trash Post as usual explains…

NY Post: “Glee” star Dianna Agron has fired her manager and agent after disagreements over her career, Page Six has learned. Agron, who plays Quinn Fabray on the hit Fox series, parted ways with manager Lena Roklin of Luber Roklin and with the Gersh Agency.

Oh the tears. But there’s good news kids, after all this is tinsel town…

She’s now represented by agent Thor Bradwell at William Morris Endeavor. A source told us, “She is delighted with the success of ‘Glee’ and her role. But she parted ways with them around a month ago. Dianna has been working as an actress since she was a child, she is smart and has a strong grasp on where her career is going.” We previously reported the “Glee” cast was unhappy with its royalty deal from sales of music from the show.

Which is fancy double speak for-  ‘If you don’t make me the mulla I’m going to say sayonara, nothing personal…’

Of course nothing is ever personal for the hotshot who makes Hollywood weep whilst parking in the driveway in the morning.

But Agron said she was happy with a recent racy GQ shoot which sparked controversy. A rep for Agron declined to comment.

Which is another way of saying I was born a media whore, but that’s our secret. Shh.

And how about good old Lena and Gersh Agency?

Roklin’s office confirmed it no longer works with Agron, and Gersh said it doesn’t represent her.

And now for the weather report…

Show me the money bitches.