Home Nightlife The Glam Set attend Carrera’s Sunglasses Escape at the Mondrian Hotel.

The Glam Set attend Carrera’s Sunglasses Escape at the Mondrian Hotel.

Photos courtesy of Nickydigital.com DIANNA AGRON & PENN BADGLEY

Though best known as Gossip Girl’s  Brooklyn boy, Penn Badgley spent Saturday evening proving that he’s truly a Lower East Side guy while catching up with friends in the VIP section of Carrera Sunglasses Escape at the Mondrian SoHo.  No longer dating starlet Blake Lively, Penn told friends that he is finally moving into the Lower East Side bachelor pad of his dreams where he plans to spend day and night chilling to music uninterrupted on his favorite SOUL by Ludacris headphones.  Truly a jack of all trades, the actor boasted that he can play any instrument but the drums, plans to produce a record after he returns from a trip to Mexico and even picked up some Venroy Australia board shorts to complement his avid surfing skills.  Penn chatted with co-star Kaylee DeFer as he sipped on his favorite cocktail of UV Vodka on the rocks with a squeeze of lime and took a quick break to hydrate with MiO Berry Pomegranate.

After nearly 360 straight days of filming, Glee sweetheart Dianna Agron took advantage of the chance to kick back and relax at Carrera Sunglasses Escape at the Mondrian SoHo this weekend.  After catching up on long overdue sleep, the TV songstress ventured out to celebrate the birthday of figure skater Johnny Weir in New York with the intriguing trio of Vanessa HudgensEmma Roberts and Susan Sarandon.  The party didn’t wrap up until nearly 7am, but the starlet looked picture perfect in her floral skirt, casual tee and navy Carrera frames.

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