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When everyone is posing. Do they cancel each other out? Crazy for Eva Mendez and Vs Mag party at RDV.


Photography source GoG- Photographer Alex Mora. Pair of hot bitches.

(To see more pics of you hot bitches go to GoG’s link here– you are all too beautiful)

The Bone comes to mind, from Sex in the City. Not from its recent incarnation, but from the time Candace Bushnell had a good editor and was writing her Observer column.

Last night Vs. Magazine, in conjunction with Ellen von Unwerth presented a star fuck of who’s who or wants to be who at RDV in praise of hottie Eva Mendez, who naturally and wisely decided not to turn up to this delicious cluster fuck. Vs Mag for those who don’t know are one of many online fashion mags. Blogs that massacre as glossies, mags that are geared to sending out pony calls and bringing out all the aspirational pretty people. Aspirational bitches like you that is.

Model bookers that don’t book. Model boys and girls who carry their tear sheets in their warped wallets, stylists who don’t style well, and even tabloid writers who are general sell outs. And then there were the general hanger-oners, sniffing out famous faces (we couldn’t find any) and an assortment of people who don’t like mingling and talking to each other.  This is the crowd of fillers. The crowd that can get past any doorman in the city but actually does very little during the day – short of recovering from a hangover.

Boy toy and Ellen von Unwerth to the right.

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