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Study: Smoking the good shit is bad for you after all.


Will you suddenly stop getting high?

A new study by Harvard-affiliated McLean Hospital has found incestuous smoking of the good shit is apparently not as good for you as many have you have professed. In fact it’s pretty damn bad for you, especially if you enjoy having cognitive function. Those worst afflicted are those individuals who started smoking the good shit (which is pretty much most of you) before they turned 16.

abcnews:In a paper presented today at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in San Diego, Dr. Staci Gruber, lead author of the small study, reported that study participants who began smoking pot before 16 years of age performed significantly worse on cognitive function tests than both non-smokers and those who became chronic smokers later in life.

Of course there is an interesting caveat to this study, that being the definition of what constitutes chronic use.

Researchers defined chronic marijuana use as smoking pot at least five of the last seven days and a minimum of 3,000 joints in a lifetime.

Is that something you are currently achieving? Or are you just skimming the surface with a blunt once every few days? Which them bitches at Gawker do some interesting math on:

Three thousand joints! That’s maybe not such a big deal to old hippies, but the average age of study participants was 22. So, participants who started smoking at age 18 would have had to smoke about two joints a day to be defined as “chronic,” and those who started smoking at 16 would be sparking about 10 joints a week, every week, since that time.

Which raises the most important question, are you smoking too much of the good shit to even look for the good shit sitting on your dressing table, because frankly that’s when you know your cognitive functions are totally wacked…



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