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PricewaterhouseCoopers sends a ‘viral’ email rating firm ‘hotties.’

'Is that your picture in the new employee top ten hottie list?'

'Is that your picture in the new employee top ten hottie list?'

Did you make it on this years list?

UK Telegraph: The emails, which were sent between up to 17 male staff at PwC’s Dublin office, included pictures of 13 women who had recently joined the company.

In the emails the male employees were asked to nominate their “top ten” women based on looks.

In a faux pas worthy of an imminent dismissal once the brass find the culprit, one PricewaterhouseCoopers employee decided it would help ‘stimulate’ employee morale if they rated the top new ‘hotties’ working in the Irish quarters of the one of the largest accountancy in the world. Something we imagine is an implicit no no in the employee handbook, unless of course you happen to be working for a calendar pin up doll rag…

The women, whose pictures were accompanied by their names and departments, all recently joined the accountancy firm as trainee accountants or “associates”.

Just a kind ‘welcome’ note to the new employees we imagine. Not that sexual harassment is a contemplated issue amongst a bawdy group of boys.

After being sent amongst PwC staff the emails were forwarded on to workers at other businesses and went “viral” across the internet.

It is thought that the source of the original email, which had a subject line of “this would be my shortlist for the top 10”, has been traced.

The company were alerted to the emails by the Irish Independent newspaper and launched an investigation.

Isn’t it always heavens sweetness to be notified of egregious behavior by the local newspaper? That surely must have gotten a few heart beats tossing leaps and bounds. Not to mention the clients who are probably now walking around in tip toe in fear that somehow they’ll make it in a ‘top ten hotties list of our favorite clients’…unless of course they are drawing up their own list to deliver to headquarters?

Carmel O’Connor, PwC’s human resources partner, told the paper: “We are taking this matter extremely seriously and are launching a full investigation. We will take all necessary steps and actions in line with our firm’s polices and procedures.”

She added that the company had not yet contacted the men involved and refused to say whether they would be sacked.

Sacked? We’re betting all 17 of them have already been offered new jobs as copy boys at the calendar doll rag down the road…


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