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Mugshot of the week: Does this bitch resemble anyone you know?


Aren’t you happy you still have all your braincells?

It’s time to meet our new arriveste to the fame stakes- this bitch is called the half headed mug shot boy (Carlos Rodriguez, or Carlos Sosa) and he is currently trolling his preferred stash of ho’s in South Miami where he managed to get himself arrested for solicitation of services. But frankly, would you do him if he didn’t pay you any money?

miaminewtimes: The poor guy has been arrested quite alot during his 25 years for disorderly intoxication, solicitation of a prostitute, possession of weed, and burglary. But really– can you blame him for any of that?

One day when half head mugshot boy is wiping the drool of his indented head he will smile at the Gods, because even though he most likely will never find physical lasting love on earth he will always find unbridled love from those tabloids that seek to glorify him and validate him with history and the drudgery that passes as our collective misery.

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  • Heyenbd


  • hannah

    thats fucked up, he cant help it and im sure he can find love its what is in the heart that counts!!! i think hes kinda cute 🙂

  • ADP

    That photoshopped picture at the bottom should be classed as high art.

  • LiquidNitro99

    Hahaha fucking funny