Home Scandal and Gossip Mark Siebenmorgen wants to show his new mugshot.

Mark Siebenmorgen wants to show his new mugshot.


Mark Siebenmorgen is curious to know if you know where his front teeth went?

Somewhere between this mugshot and pushing someone to the ground and carrying on his hooligan rampage Mark Siebenmorgen lost his front teeth. Of course the real question is when did Godzilla really lose his mind?

DailyMail.Co.UK: The toothless crook was escorted to the police station after going on a one man crime spree across the largest city in the US state of Winsconsin.

The serial petty criminal allegedly pushed someone to the ground, kicked a windscreen in and shouted obscenities at a supermarket, although when he lost his teeth exactly no one is quite sure.

One day when Mark Siebenmorgen is making his way over to the dentist he will stop and reflect that this wasn’t the fifteen minutes worth of fame he was really looking for, but that said, he’ll take it anyway.

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  • deboraht

    BTW to all those who took delight making fun of this man who yes, is a disabled Veteran, who does not do drugs, who is not known to be violent, just manic, who when he is not having an episode is a kind, generous, and giving person. Just wanted to give you an update. His trial was on Dec 17th and he was found NOT GUILTY! He was not the man that did these things! You ignorant people who like to make fun of those with mental illness and speak of things you know nothing about! This picture was posed in fun with the police who then released it for a laugh. Funny how the news media doesn’t take the time to tell this side of the story or the results of the trial!

  • Kevin