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Toni Braxton wants you to know she’s too poor to sing.


Another celebrity is now facing the bankruptcy curse, but what makes this one extra special questionable is that it’s not the first time they’ve cried poor, or the first time that they have said mysterious health problems have prevented them from paying their bills.

Toni Braxton has filed bankruptcy for the second time according to her attorney; citing heart problems caused her have to cancel a string of Las Vegas shows, for the second time. But her attorney, Debra Grassgreen wants you to know :

Huffington Post: Bankruptcy will not prevent Toni Braxton from future performances.

Hear that everyone? Never fear, the long awaited Toni Braxton comeback will happen someday.

Braxton has had high-profile health issues in recent years in 2008 she was forced to cancel a series of Las Vegas shows after experiencing chest pains that were later diagnosed as microvascular angina.

Ms. Braxton also skipped out on the finale of Dancing with the Stars because she was recovering from removal of a benign breast tumor.

Hmm, it’s horrible, but maybe not too farfetched in our celebrity-centric mediasphere, to assume that Toni Braxton has played the celebrity sick card to avoid her obligations?

TMZ was first to report that Braxton and her company Liberty Entertainment filed for bankruptcy on September 30th.

Oh, Toni, you better start pitching your reality show. There are only so many slots still open out there; and we know that’s much less rigorous than a series Las Vegas  performances. Maybe hop on the Real Housewives of So-and-So bandwagon.

You and Theresa Giudice could swap bankruptcy tips.

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