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One Gun Store Linked to 2,500 Crimes In Metro DC Area


Looking for the right place to buy a handgun for you to commit a crime? Luckily for you, we may just have found it: Realco gun store in Forestville, Maryland.

As the Washington Post first reported, in the past 18 years 86 Realco guns have been responsible for homicides and 300 others with woundings. Those numbers pale in comparison to the 2,500 crimes Realco has been tied to in total.

The shop was even called the industry’s leading “leading seller of ‘crime guns’” in the Wash Po’s recently released year-long investigation. Which admittedly should inspire any budding criminal, with
“nearly one out of three guns The Post traced to Maryland drug dealers came from Realco.”

Called “a paradox” for police and politicians, it appears that Realco “scrupulously follow[s] handgun laws.” Says the Post, “State and federal regulators have documented only minor problems in numerous inspections.”

As Police Major Andy Ellis stated, “It shows a weakness in our system when a company like Realco can adhere to the law yet still be the source of so many crime guns.”

Which has us wondering: is it the crime, the criminal, the preferred weapon of said criminal or the bizarre fact that criminals prefer to buy their guns from scrupulous proprietors the same way most crimes are often committed within close proximity of most police depos?