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Iranian Man to Have His Hand Chopped of For Robbing a Candy Store


Listen up you candy lovers: in accordance with Sharia Law, an Iranian man found guilty of stealing chocolate from a confection shop has been sentenced to have the offending appendage chopped right off.

The BBC reports that: Police arrested the man in May after finding $900 (£560), three pairs of gloves and a large amount of chocolate in his car.

Amputations could well be said to be ‘trending’ in Iran (to use the parlance of our times), as a marked increase in poverty has also increased the amount of robberies.

Still, even the more holy and authoritarian among us at least have to wonder whether amputating a man’s means of performing labor, can do anything but continue the rather vicious cycle.

Maybe they just intend for these unlucky men to starve to death, once all offending limbs have been given their due process. After all, it’s long been joked (most vocally by punk singer Jello Biafra) that if you’d just kill the poor you could solve the poverty crisis.

Is there no more a humane way to solve a poverty problem?

Something not so sweet to think about next time you get caught with your fingers in the cookie jar…

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