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Free Burma Alliance. The Humanitarian crises you never knew anything about.


Scallywag and Vagabond recently headed over to the Friars Club where the Free Burma Alliance was having a fundraiser for those individuals caught in the unrelenting and system abuse of Burma’s citizens at the hands of the Burmese Junta . Currently one of the biggest human crises in the Far East, a crises that unfortunately don’t hear much of here in the Western World.

As one of the pamphlets read, I will recite word for word just to give you the reader a scope of the inherent urgency of said cause:

Burma’s people are forged into slavery, there’s mass forced relocation without compensation. Burmese children are forced to become child soldiers, 3500 villages have been burned to the ground and women are being raped in an unprecedented number. These crimes against humanity are the reasons why everyone should care.

That said we posed some questions to Jeremy Taylor one of the principals of the free Burma Alliance.

SCV: What are some of the underlying reasons that the conflict/crises has prolonged itself and why is it that leaders in that part of the world have been loathe to help?

Jeremy Taylor: The reason crimes against humanity is occuring in Burma to many different ethnic groups is because Burma’s ruling military junta, led by senior general Than Shwe, are the one’s whose committing genocide against their own people. That’s why we need to step up and do something, do anything, but the Obama Administration is doing nothing. Not enforcing the Burmese Jade Act, still hasn’t submitted a report on all countries and foreign banks holding the junta’s ill-gained assets, and the list goes on.

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