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Will Cody Ross ever get laid again?

Bitch- Keep your hands off my man!

Cody Ross makes it to the NY Gutter’s most eligible list…

Cody Ross, the avant garde les enfant terrible is in pain today. For two reasons actually. One because last night he managed to get drunk again in front of guests again as guests joined him and hot to very trot Marianne Aulie at their West Village soiree where the duo kicked off a successful presentation of their latest artwork and fashion collaborative. The other reason why our dear friend Mr Ross is heaving in the bucket is because our favorite journal (after Stalker- Gawker, Pest of a Guest- Guest of a Guest) NY Gutter (Post) decided to bunch him up with 4 other pretty lads with charisma, a modicum of looks, bad attitude (a prequisite Mr Ross explained to me earlier this morning) and a smidgen of money (ok loads of it bitches) and make him one of NY’s most eligible cough, vomit bachelors. Which has our dear Cody wondering if the Gutter has blown his cover and suddenly like this vermin du jour made him very un- layable?

NY Gutter Post: Since launching his Priestess NYC label in 2008 in the atelier of his West Village townhouse, the avant-garde designer has clad the likes of Rihanna, Leigh Lezark, and “it girl” and friend Becka Diamond—”we party a lot, usually Kenmare and Norwood”—in his playfully perverse designs. Think a sexy shorts jumpsuit in a Mickey Mouse print, asymmetrical cuts, digital sperm and insect patterns. The Lincoln Center runways might have you snoozing this season, but this playboy’s always tons of fun.

Kids, I have to admit it Cody is a lot of fun and he is quite wicked. So next time you are in the West Village, especially all you model types, please drop by and snuggle up to Cody and if you’re he is lucky his wet dreams will come true this afternoon.

Ah, if only you could be a photogenic rebel too…

The Women’s Mafia Fashion Show: Phuong My, Dominque Auxilly, Priestess by Cody Ross

Cody Ross- Kitschy Freaky Surprises.
Here are some pics from Marianne’s and Cody’s Shin ding last night.

Photography by Britt Kubat. Cody- 'Hey, I'm a sexy boy!'


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