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Timo Weiland- Hip, casual and very ready to wear.

Kathryn McDermott and Timo Weiland.

Photography by Kathryn McDermott. Timo Weiland Spring/Summer.

What do you get when a fresh, twenty-something designer creates a Ready to Wear line for S/S 2011. You get a collection perfect for, who else, but young, fashionable, twenty somethings;  a collection which is out to prove, and succeeds in doing so, that spring and summer will be particular beautiful seasons this year.

By posing the models on docks, surrounded by a clever sea of nautical rope, a scene is staged that’s a foreshadowing of what we could see worn on the East or West coasts best assets this spring; New England’s, elite Ivy’s, or SoCal’s sun-catching wave chasers, each respectively, living out their nouveau-riche American Dreams, in some of the most beautiful and functional Ready to Wear pieces in S/S 2011. Your browser may  not support display of this image.