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HIV Positive Swinging Airman Charged for Having Unprotected Sex with 10 Women and 1 Man


Sergeant David Gutierrez, a 43 year old HIV positive military airman stands accused of charges of aggravated assault, which is defined as an assault which may produce death or grievous bodily harm for engaging in unprotected sex with ten women and one man without first telling them about his condition.

The charges, though nonpolitical in nature, take on an even more scandalous air when we consider that the serviceman’s victims include a male lover as well. “What,” some of us may wonder, “about don’t ask don’t tell?”

Why is a silent, but savage, sexual predator like Gutierrez who’s been more than just a little busy spreading terminal STD infections given the bureaucratic luxury of having a hearing to discuss whether he’ll even have a court martial hearing, while more vocal bi or homosexuals who don’t act on their impulses (at least not in any illegal ways) find themselves expelled from the military more quickly than they can make a case for themselves, for as little as a single statement.

Doesn’t it appear that the military views Gutierrez, somehow, as a more of an upstanding citizen and less of a threat to morale simply because the nature of his plight makes it less desirable to talk about, despite his much more misanthropic tendencies? Not, I suppose, if no one ever hears about it… which, of course, is exactly the point for the military, it seems. And Gutierrez, to his dubious credit, did an impressive jobs of keeping his actions under wraps — even if failed in doing the same with his pecker.

Could we perhaps  say that Gutierrez has becomes the epitome of all that seems wrong with the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Policy?”

Source: Daily Mail. Co.UK


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