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Daughter of Cruel Uzbek Dictator to Resell Hippie Nostalgia


Photography by Gordon Ho. Guli Spring/Summer 2011.

Gulnara “Guli” Karimova is not only the daughter of the notorious dictator of Uzebekistan Islam Karimov, she now also holds the prestigious position of having been a designer to present at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York.  Yes, that’s right, the daughter of a brutal dictator, renowned for committing numerous human rights abuses against his own people, has been supported in her efforts to develop a clothing line called GULI Collections and, even worse, was allowed to showcase her work on arguably one of the most important platforms in the fashion world.

As if that wasn’t already bad enough, the designs themselves almost make a mockery of an entire era of American history. I’m talking about the 1960’s. A time known for the widespread advocacy of “peace and love”, has here been caricatured in a way I’m sure many fashion commentators will call “boho chic”, but I beg to differ. Not that the collection was a complete disaster, far from it.



  1. She is shitty herself. Her dad is not that greedy at least. She had destroyed so many lives, some godfathers would be jealous.

  2. Malaikah, Jessie – if it was just a question of her having a murderous dictator for a dad, then you’re right that you can’t judge her for that on its own. However, she is known to be up to her neck in the horrendous Uzbek regime, and she is hugely corrupt personally. It stinks that she’s being given a platform in the West.

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