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Couple Eats Glass, Commits Insurance Fraud


In a story sounding more like something from a fifties freak show out on Coney Island than an ingenious, but intestine ripping, insurance scheme: one Massachucetts woman pleaded guilty to 23-counts of conspiracy and fraud for filling false claims after force-feeding herself jagged glass shards. Her husband, who’d previously been convicted of similar charges, is already behind bars.

AZ Central: “The indictment alleged that between 1997 and 2005, the couple,” Mary and Ronald Evano, “collected more than $200,000 in compensation after filing insurance claims that they had been injured by restaurants, hotels and grocery stores that had served them food containing glass particles.”

23 incidents of being served shards of glass in probably-posh restaurants? We’d believe 2 -3 incidents of cut fingers from a broken wine glass, and that’s only because there was no band aid around.

And even if the more pampered or cynical of readers would prefer eating jagged glass to working (a strange kind of work in itself), we still should wonder how any of us got to the point where they had to decide between eating either shards of glass, or, perhaps, nothing at all.

Shouldn’t that be the real oddity?

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