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Leonardo Di Caprio gets a restraining order against Livia Bistriceanu.


When the crazies start turning up on your footstep.

Life has suddenly becomes tenuous for Hollywood heart throb (what ever that word means anymore…) Leonardo di Caprio after a series of strange attempts by a 41 year old woman who has made concerted efforts to meet di Caprio.

Huffington Post:LOS ANGELES — Court records show Leonardo DiCaprio has been granted a temporary restraining against a woman he says is threatening his safety.

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge granted the order Wednesday against 41-year-old Livia Bistriceanu.

Court filings from DiCaprio’s security team state Bistriceanu has traveled from Chicago to Los Angeles at least twice to try to meet the actor.

The filings state she has showed up at his office and home and has acted aggressively.

In addition, she has been placed on a psychological hold twice, the documents state, adding the restraining order is necessary to give police the ability to protect DiCaprio’s safety.

DiCaprio wrote in a declaration that he fears Bistriceanu and has never met her.

How ironic that the man who continuously saves the world over and over from demons, vermin and subconscious terrorists on the silver screen fears for his own safety in reality. Which has us wondering, he has convinced quite a few of us that he is invincible, enigmatic and a beacon for drama, when in reality it’s just his alter ego that plays for kicks and cash handouts.

The perils of world wide fame and adulation are starting to kick in Hollywood. Being a super hero is one thing, but being a conflicted insecure naturally circumspect individual in reality is quite another. At least now we can all rest in the knowledge that our ‘heart throb’ is really just like us. What a relief and yet what a disappointment…

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