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Getting laid is getting easier courtesy of the I Phone.


Want to score a sultry, kissy-faced MySpace-esque picture without ever even having to get a phone number? There’d an app for that now too.

Congratulations gentleman, and ladies, this goes for you too, with iPhones, you are no longer just having more sex in general than other smartphone users, you can now use iPhone 4’s video capability to rate before you date, choosing a potential mate by their picture sent to you via their trusty iPhone application, Visual Friend.

Oh, Steve Jobs, what would we do without you?

VisualFriend.com, who’s tagline is “Flirt on Your Phone,” is the “the newest free online dating service that brings singles, FaceTime, and your iPhone 4 all together in one fantastic, engaging place” according the apps site.

Village Voice: With VisualFriend, iPhone users can connect through phone-to-phone videos in a “curated version of Chatroulette,” as Fast Company describes it. If users like what they see, they can take it to the next level, and exchange numbers, which seems almost like a step backward from phone video chatting.

We can’t wait to see what we can hotties we can chat up with a Visual Friend; and we also can’t imagine the debauchery that will be going on with these pictures as well. Blah.

We have to admit, it has to be a more socially acceptable form of sexting. I mean, at least the caliber of people with an iPhone, we can hope, is a little classier than folks Chatrouletting through their dial-up connection. Right?

We can’t wait for the first sexting focused Lifetime Movie featuring a teenage girl who’s a sexual cell phone sensation, turned porn star, turned rights advocate, turned senator. Hmm, maybe someone should get in touch with Montana Fishburne. Vivid hasn’t signed on for video number two yet…

We know, we know, Montana, you only want to do porn; but come on, couldn’t you make your father proud by taking a real gig? Just this one time.

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  1. soon there will be no such thing as dating in this time of age. It will all be sex and games. Relationships will not last as long as they think because they only have a button to click to find something for that flavour of the month.

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