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PIG OUT! @ the 3rd Ward


One installation I came across was titled “Sympathetic Resonance” by Joshua Kirsch. Essentially a little aluminum xylophone-keyboard connected by wires to mallets on the walls that hit pieces of wood with different notes. I talked to Goodman who described it as “an electronic motorized percussive piano.” I played a couple notes.

Asked to elaborate on 3rd ward’s mission he tells me “it’s a place where you can do anything. We have about eight hundred members.”

I asked him about expansion plans.

“We have the mayor trying to get in on this. He’s built a couple fashion incubators in the city.” He prefers the word incubator, over studio or factory. As far as I could tell the whole concept was something admirably unique. Today though, Goodman said, “Its just a hoe down in industrial town. Something we do just for fun for our members, their friends and our neighbors. We can show people what’s possible here.”

Satisfied, and giving the shaman the quick slip I could hear ‘Didn’t I Blow Your Mind (This Time)’ by the Delfonics swimming through the speakers. Not bad, I thought, as I approached one of the little cute numbers signing up for one of the classes.

‘I’ll have to come back to sign up for a few classes myself…’

The arrival of the Bushwick hipster.