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Gaga. Fascinating “Free” Dame.


“I’m tough, ambitious and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay.” – Madonna or Lady Gaga?

Caught a few minutes of Madonna’s  “Truth or Dare” (1991) on TV the other day and immediately thought about how the film could have been made in present time staring her understudy, Lady Gaga.  There’s no denying the similarities.  It’s like Madonna playing Eva Peron meant-to-be.  I haven’t been this impressed and excited about a recording artist since my youth; dancing around my parents’ basement listening to cassette recordings of “Like a Prayer,” “You Can Dance” and the “Dick Tracy” soundtrack.

Now I’m Following You

The complete package, her appearance on “The Today Show” earlier this month brought 20,000 fans to Rockefeller Plaza.  She’s a record labels dream, a Halloween costume no-brainer and the only woman in history who can make wearing a telephone on her head a fashion statement.  She currently holds the record for being the most popular “living” person on Facebook with over 13 million fans, just surpassed 5 million followers on Twitter and “Bad Romance” is one of the most watched videos of all time on YouTube.  #howboutthemapples

Not Interested in Fakers

I am fascinated with this genuine, unmanufactured woman who came from an unassuming, middle class family on the UWS (aka it could have been YOU.)  She paid her dues (being talented, uninhibited and incredibly interesting helped) and performed at a variety of dive bars on New York’s LES, until her big-doesn’t-even-cover-it break.  MTV can finally bring back their special “MTV Icon.”

The first time I saw “Paparazzi”  and “Telephone,” I clapped, then pressed the replay and send buttons numerous times.  See, I grew up glued to MTV, when it really was all about the music (video) and they just don’t make videos like this anymore… When you have the media writing articles dedicated to analyzing every still shot of your video, bravo! (google search results brought up over 5 million mentions.)

I’ve watched her “Takeover” FUSE TV and “On the Record” special at least a dozen times (it airs constantly), read feature articles in Elle, New York Magazine and Rolling Stone and although I learn her story over and over again, I don’t grow tired of the media mayhem, anxiously awaiting new material from the “Haus of Gaga” to be released.



  1. Madonna has become the prototype for all solo female acts for the last 15 years, so varying degrees of success by the imitators. Christina, Britney, et al. attempt to release catchy tunes while “shocking” pop culture in various ways and reinventing themselves regularly to remain fresh.

    While Gaga is most definitely the most interesting of the current breed of pop singers (even Ozzy Osbourne thinks so), the question remains if she only has the one album or if she can create a career of longevity.

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