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Angie Cromar is going to give birth to two different children because she’s knocked up in two separate uteruses.


Giving birth is getting freakier and freakier.

First there was the 79 year old octomom, the woman who gave birth with no uterus and even Virgin Mary who gave birth while still a virgin and now in this corner we have Angie Cromar giving birth to two distinct different children, from two different sperm cells (from the same father one presumes) from two different time points. Confused and in need of your own baby moment read on.

Gawker:A Utah woman is going to give birth to two children, possibly a week apart, because she has two buns growing in her separate ovens. Yes, Angie Cromar has two uteruses, and both of them are knocked up.

At her first ultrasound, Cromar learned that she wasn’t having twins, but she has two separate birthing organs and that both have a fertilized egg in them. And they weren’t conceived at the same time. “(The doctor) said I’m five weeks and four days in one, and six weeks and one day in the other,” she says.

Could you imagine the look on Mrs Cromars face when she was delivered the initial news? Then again, we’d imagine she’d still be thrilled to receive the news of her impending new family brood, never mind the peculiar circumstances of it and the fact the initial confusion it must have caused all the sperm cells.

Mmh, shouldn’t you be going for an ultra sound soon to make sure you don’t have two uteruses as well?

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