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Great Samaritans Launch ‘Haiti Is Me’ Campaign

Calcie Cooper, Founder, Haiti Is Me; Latoya A. Henry, Memory Lane by Toya; Gardy Guerrier, Hearts4Haiti Global Initiative

Gardy Guerrier, Hearts4Haiti Global Initiative; Michael Cohen, Latoya A. Henry, Memory Lane by Toya; Casey Jones, Scallywag & Vagabond; Shana Stephenson, Marquee Matchups

Time marches on.  It’s been five years since Hurricane Katrina laid waste to our own New Orleans, and in today’s climate it scarcely gets a mention. Yes, there’s still work to be done there, and no, it isn’t all glamorous. We just don’t think about it that much anymore. To lesser extent as a people we’ve ‘moved on’ from the disaster in Haiti.  But some dedicated men and women are doing everything they can to ensure that as memory fades, support for Haiti does not.

Five months ago, Haiti was struck by a devastating earthquake that brought the republic to its knees. In that time, millions of dollars in financial support has poured in, along with the tireless work of volunteers from every imaginable background. Last night, a campaign was launched to create ongoing awareness of Haiti’s plight.

Haiti Is Me is a year-long effort to remind the world at large that despite the fact that time marches on, Haiti and its people are still in need of support.  Spearheading the effort is one Calcie Cooper. He is helped by the extremely capable Fabrice Armand and Latoya Henry. And oh yes, a certain someone named Gardy Guerrier

Fabrice Armand, The Global Syndicate and Rob Murat, The Global Syndicate
Calcie Cooper; Kipton Cronkite, KiptonART; Wyatt Gallery
Dr. K. Aletha Maybank, Assistant Commissioner of the New York City Department of Health, Guest