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Your Lamborghini BBQ is finally here.


The things that go exploding in Williamsburg.

Williamsburg is becoming more ironic by the day…

NY Shitty:

My tipster, Enia (who took the above photograph), writes:

Hey Heather,

Not sure if you heard about this yet, or not, but it was pretty spectacular.

A Lamborghini BLEW UP on Rodney Street, which serves as the off-ramp for the BQE’s Metropolitan Avenue exit.

Here’s a picture of the FDNY putting it out.   Insane.

According to some kids who got there before me, they saw two guys running from the car just before it blew up so they speculate it was stolen.  We think the owner showed up just as FDNY was done putting it out.

Craziness: it’s not every day a $250,000 fireballs.

Which leaves us wondering one day Williamsburg wont be ironic…

250 cents for the person who comes up with the best caption for the above medium to over done delicacy. Happy BBQ hipsters…

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  • Joe Mentia

    Flaming Douchemobile

  • turn the heater on, no turn it off, TURN IT OFF!!

  • Rob

    Damned Flux Capacitor!