Home Scandal and Gossip Vlad decides to eat his grandmother while she is still alive.

Vlad decides to eat his grandmother while she is still alive.


Is there a rise of a cannibalistic apocalypse?…Or…Is there just a crazy grandson amongst us?

A 26 year old Ukrainian religious fanatic was found in his underwear, clinching a cross and performing a sadistic, perverse funeral service for his Grandmother that he killed.  That however, does not compare to what he put ol’ Granny through. Rather than eating his Granny’s homemade cookies, Vlad, decided to take it one step further and eat Granny. Not in an incestuous way, but actually slice up and eat the woman that helped raise him.

Police sources say that Vlad used a shard of a broken mirror to slice up her face at first (since his grandfather removed all the knives before he left). He then proceeded in gouging out her eyes and eating them. Vlad did not stop there. One insider said:  “All this time, the old woman was conscious and trying to escape, screaming”.

So what did Vlad do to prevent his Granny from getting away?… By cutting out her tongue and eating that as well. It was reported that he went as far as cutting off her ears and lips and ingesting them. When Vlad’s father returned to their home, he found his mother lying on the ground dead with her skull smashed.

One can attempt to understand humanity but sometimes one is left speechless, and in Vlad’s grandmother’s case- quite literally.

Source: Newkerala

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