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My dinner with Falco.


Jordana Hazan and Scallywag.

I trod back in, past the timeless corner phone booth, the subdued plush booths and sit patiently as I wait for the sole to come out. Two words. ‘ Tre perfecto.’ If I could cry I would, this fish was born to be cooked by Sal the (long time) resident chef. The whole thing crumbles into my palette. Of course out of the corner of my eye I can see Falco smiling, the maestro delighted that you will leave his abode in peace with heaven.

Next the tiramisu, and more tears. I am bound to make a fool of myself as I longingly lick the spoon. Then comes the port and another whirl in the garden. To reflect it has been a perfect dinner, the hot antipasto salad (a collage of baked clams, sauteed calamari and broiled shrimp) the adroit selection of fresh cooked pastas (the papardelle alla Lepre– pasta with rabbit sauce a seduction to die for) and now me sitting there in the garden contemplating life as if I was stuck in an Italian Riviera with a most agreeable host, the last morsel of tiramisu finally devoured.

Falco runs this little gem with his partner Slavko and dedicated crew.The restaurant itself has been around for 33 years.

Volare is located at 147 West 4th st.