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Is Brooke Mueller about to leave Charlie Sheen?


Our desperate fascination with Hollywood couples.

Once again the world is speculating whether the thing called the Charlie Sheen/Mueller bizarre love triangle can last another semester in light of Charlie’s latest transgressions.

The fact that both of these characters live in a gilded type of fantasy that only most of us can dream about makes their unique relationship simultaneously appealing and of course horrendously repulsive. He makes the big bucks and she lives the apparent magic Hollywood life, or so it seems.

Ordered to spend up to 30 days in state penance, Charlie has hit a new low which paradoxically exonerates him (because of his mythological status and the fact that so many of us have grown up watching Charlie- who by now has become the wayward brother that we watch from afar with fascination and contempt) and at the same time estranges him from his public fan base. Who he has also alienated is his wife, also by her own admissions is a wayfaring vodka martini drinker who by now is starting to wonder if the public shame is worth the giggly tongue kisses Charlie gives her after a healthy bout of summer spritzers.

That said this weekend finds Brooke parading Hollywood sans her wedding band ring which has all the tabloid rags wondering and us yawning.

Source: People

Is it a good idea to wear a thick hairy moustache and a hooded sweat top when carrying an affair behind your wife’s back? Hanging out with Charlie Sheen.

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