Home Visual Arts Iconic Celebrity photographer Ron Galella shows at CLIC Gallery.

Iconic Celebrity photographer Ron Galella shows at CLIC Gallery.

Photography by Chervine.

Ron Galella, arguably the biggest celebrity photographer ever, signed copies of his book “Smash his Camera: The Notorious photographs of Ron Galella” at Clic Gallery, (424 Broome Street).

He called himself “the bandit of images,” and captured unposed and candid photographs that have become some of the most recognizable and iconic images of 20th Century American culture.

His photographs are now in he permanent collection of the The Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Tate Modern in London, and the Helmut Newton Foundation Gallery in Berlin.

The exhibit at Clic Gallery presents the most famous shots of his archives, and represents a rare opportunity to see actual prints of such images.
Ron Galella also signed copies of his other books VIVA L’ITALIA, NO PICTURES!, MICHAEL JACKSON: THE MAN IN THE MIRROR, WARHOL BY GALELLA and many others.
  • The irony is that what Ron Galella is almost no longer possible, so true artists no longer want to do what he did before the profound commercialization and monopolization of the photography industry. The forces of commerce and entertainment and in the public relations industry operate and behave in a manner that has stifled independent journalists and the art of independent photographers by the selling or orchestration of “celebrity news” via The Photography Monopolists. These forces operate in a manner that think only GETTY and its three arms: GETTY Images, Wireimages and Filmmagic ought to own the rights to images and the independent artists who do what Mr. Galella once did are demonized as rogue(s). This is the same. We sit here and celebrate the work of Independent Artists and the Independent Artist is being destroyed. Props to Mr. Gallela but with all due respect to Kevin Mazur and the guys who stand right directly in front of Celebrities for pre-negotiated exclusives….bro, you ain;t my hero and don’t count on me going to any book signing parties for the proprietors of CHOREOGRAPHED CELEBRITY NEWS.