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Gender, Sex and Money.


I understand your bitterness in finding that the women that are interested in such endeavors must seem to you as ranking sub-par in your criteria of choice:  the hot, stylish, worldly and often foreign-born 22 year-old student-models with ‘barely a high school degree to back it up”. I am surprised you haven’t been more successful, women adore being approached with this attitude, especially if they can get to spend a little cash in the process. But I understand. You love to hate lusting away at these women the way you hated the blond and aloof beauty queen who lead the cheerleading squad in high school; who wouldn’t look at you but would go for that beef-headed captain of the football team. To you, she remained an idiotic, materialistic cunt – but fuck, she is hot – and wouldn’t it be great to get to be the captain of the football team for once, and prove to all those fuckers that I was a better man all along… Yes, yes, yes, life is tough.

If you want to fuck for status, you gotta have some to spare. And if not, you’ll just have to deal with women with a little less cock and a little more brain – or heart if you can muster some. A wise friend of mine once received this advice: talk to women the way you talk to men. Treat them kindly. Never let the thought of fucking her color the way you act around her. And another ancient one for the road: Make a beautiful woman feel smart, make a smart one feel beautiful… I slept with him – and had a great time in general.

Number two, to address the rest, the ‘hard place’, ‘payola’ and ‘ double standard’ pieces:

A tad bit of ‘double standard’ is redundant to the previous conversation, in that the disappointing creature of choice has now migrated from the failed model-student type to the promisingly successful starlet type. Higher, yet similarly status-oriented standard. You want a crazy hot, status-giving escort to fuck standing-up in your befuddled best friend’s bathroom but you resent her navigating towards a status-giving escort of her own. Well, tough luck, again, you reap what you sow.



  1. When you fuck for status as a “hot 22 year old student model, possibly foreign born” don’t be surprised when the man with high status dumps your starry-eyed ass some time later.

    As long as you understand that, and don’t pen a single “where have all the good men gone?” article, we are all on the same level. Not every Donald Trump groupie can be Ivana Trump.

  2. The breath of fresh air!

    Honestly, i’m quite tired to pay 100% for many of my male friends, dinners, drinks, and even clothing. I work hard, not sleep, and really committed to my career. I wish I’d find someone strong (who’s not in just for the kill) but serious committing man. Unfortunately chances to find someone who would be serious are slim, so i have to stay away from the dating pool.
    But have to agree, It’s tough for both of the genders. Maybe because there’s a lack of trust. Maybe we expect too much from each other. I think forgiveness and willingness to work on relationship is a key element.

    Previous articles argued women are the “Sodom and Gomorrah” of everything and men are simple, and hunters by nature. Please, lets not go that way, because then, we support the double standard of sexual behavior. Women are not second-hand human beings, good for gathering, giving birth, and ought to be ready for sex 24/7 whenever and wherever “The Master’ wants it. If authors of previous articles believe men are natural born hunters, why complain some women prefer easier path, since men are The Hunters, remember?

    Also, i believe one ingredient was forgotten – men who pay for the company. Those men usually like to have several relationships at the same time. And they are the most important element of all the debate and can actually change the situation. (ya vote with ya dolla, remember?) But they don’t want, and it could take a long time before anything changes.

    Thank you for the article!

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