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Gender, Sex and Money.

The sexy older woman.

In most cases, rather few of them. Which again works out quite well since most of these women wouldn’t want them either. (There are some women who say they enjoy overpowering men in all kind of ways, intellectually, financially or sexually –  but I suspect the pleasure comes more from a narcissistic  self-aggrandizing, empowering complex than a true sexual attraction to the weaker-than-self). Because sadly or happily, this is who we are. It’s very ok for a woman to have a her lover be bigger, stronger, older or more successful. And it’s generally very for ok a man to have his lover be smaller, frailer, younger and less successful.

It’s generalities – we never talked in something else – but this is the way our little millennia of history has shaped us in relationship to each other – and if the physicality will never change (men can generally overpower women and they have sticking-out cocks that fit inside women’s hollowed-out cunts) the emotional and social consequences of this will take a little more than a single-digit amount of decades to be altered. And as long as money is our society’s most relevant emblem of power, it will likely be unequally dealt in the equation (which is a still a very relevant double-edged sword).

So yes, valiant gentlemen, get onto your hard, white stallion in the chilly moonlight, brave great dangers with scintillating prowess, cleverness and charm –  and come back to us, poor, sullen, oft-imprisoned nymphs, to save us from ourselves…

– with unbounded, unconditional love,
your imaginary friend




  1. When you fuck for status as a “hot 22 year old student model, possibly foreign born” don’t be surprised when the man with high status dumps your starry-eyed ass some time later.

    As long as you understand that, and don’t pen a single “where have all the good men gone?” article, we are all on the same level. Not every Donald Trump groupie can be Ivana Trump.

  2. The breath of fresh air!

    Honestly, i’m quite tired to pay 100% for many of my male friends, dinners, drinks, and even clothing. I work hard, not sleep, and really committed to my career. I wish I’d find someone strong (who’s not in just for the kill) but serious committing man. Unfortunately chances to find someone who would be serious are slim, so i have to stay away from the dating pool.
    But have to agree, It’s tough for both of the genders. Maybe because there’s a lack of trust. Maybe we expect too much from each other. I think forgiveness and willingness to work on relationship is a key element.

    Previous articles argued women are the “Sodom and Gomorrah” of everything and men are simple, and hunters by nature. Please, lets not go that way, because then, we support the double standard of sexual behavior. Women are not second-hand human beings, good for gathering, giving birth, and ought to be ready for sex 24/7 whenever and wherever “The Master’ wants it. If authors of previous articles believe men are natural born hunters, why complain some women prefer easier path, since men are The Hunters, remember?

    Also, i believe one ingredient was forgotten – men who pay for the company. Those men usually like to have several relationships at the same time. And they are the most important element of all the debate and can actually change the situation. (ya vote with ya dolla, remember?) But they don’t want, and it could take a long time before anything changes.

    Thank you for the article!

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