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60 severed heads found in a box.


The things that now come gift wrapped.

A Southwest employee yesterday came across 60 severed un claimed heads in a crate and the world is now trying to understand who the heads belong to…

NY Post. “It wasn’t labeled or packaged properly,” Ashley Rogers, a Southwest spokeswoman, told NBC DFW. “They called the local authorities.”

Police were called by the airline, who investigated before turning them over to the county coroner.

The hope is that the heads are part of a medical unit’s pharmacology unit, but as of yet no medical clinic or axe murderer has claimed the heads which has left authorities wondering…

A spokesman for Medtronic told NBC DFW it was common practice to ship body parts for medical education and research, adding his firm expected suppliers to follow proper procedures.

Which is not to say that the heads weren’t destined to some crazy man’s house to be used as tea pots or hunting souvenirs, the type of things folks used to do in the olden days when life was really good.

“In our discussion with the health department, we’ve come to the conclusion that there is a black market for body parts out there,” he was quoted as saying by NBC.

So next time you drop by for tea and notice a severed head lying near your tea cup, pause and wonder where it came from.

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