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4 Reasons to See REDLIGHT

Photography by Arthur Eisenberg

REDLIGHT is an independent documentary about human trafficking in Cambodia. Its world premiere in New York City this week convinced two packed audiences to pay attention, ask questions, and even whip out their checkbooks to support the distribution of the film. While most movies leave theater-goers grumbling about their $12.50 ticket prices, the REDLIGHT audience only wanted to know what more they could do. A lot of people are working very hard to make sure you see REDLIGHT. Here are four reasons why you should.

1. You don’t want to be another ignorant American. Maybe you went to college, maybe you think you know about the important issues facing the world today. But just because you’ve heard about the Southeast Asian epidemic of child prostitution doesn’t mean you get it. REDLIGHT holds a flame to the viewer’s palm, showing heart-wrenching scenes of young girls confronting the mothers who knowingly sold them into sex slavery. One young girl tells how her virginity was sold four times by repeatedly re-sewing her hymen.