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The Sex and the City mayhem officially arrives in NYC.

The fans

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Yesterday at Radio City Music Hall marked the auspices entreat to society of the latest ‘mythological’ effort by producer John Melfi- ‘Sex in the City 2.’ If you thought the first effort was overdone and redundant, the second effort is even more redundant, but only with more wardrobe changes, harder bods (yes the girls have to scream sexuality damn it…)  and more contrived stereotypical images of how men are suppose to behave and how women are suppose to rescue us men or at least re train us- which has my meager wallet running for its life…

In attendance at yesterday’s premiere were the fabulous 4- Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, and the many invited guests which included- Jennifer Love Hewitt, Gabourey Sidibe, Amanda Peet, Donald Trump, Howard Stern, Jerry Seinfeld, Ashanti, and Liza Minelli, who came dressed in a shear top that had many in attendance presumably embarrassed but one supposes Liza feeling invigorated and within rights of the new girls who once again were taking NY and the world in storm.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Who also attended were the many thousands of women who waited (beyond this author’s comprehension) for hours just to get a momentary chance to speak or utter something to the stars who were gracious to receive their unyielding fans.

One can only suppose it is time for us males to dread the coming summer and to run when a woman begins her psychological break down of why we don’t love them and how inevitably some of us are just not cut out of for love. For this author’s part I will stoically defend myself by claiming “I am what I am, just don’t let the(her) fantasy get in the way…’

For the time being we wish women all the joy and lavish saturation that comes with being a modern day princess, just let me know when it’s safe to walk the sidewalks again…

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Chris Noth and his real life fiance.
The fans