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The 5 worst dressed celebrities at the 2010 Met Institute Gala.

Oscar de la Renta will never ever forgive that witch Oprah Winfrey.

I wear these sunglasses so you can never peer into my soul bitch...

Showing off that you somehow belong can also come with a double edge sword…

Monday evening saw the debut of society’s most desirable media whores preambling in front of millions of cameras just to makes sure that viewers like you and me can remember how relevant and useful they are to society.

The way this game works involves first gettingĀ  yourself invited by the Met, which essentially ensures media and awe struck fascination and you being eternally photographed by the same people you swear you can’t stand because they continually make you weep.

Thus, if one is inclined to go out of their way, suck in their stomach, buy the latest $17 000 handbag or wallet, and consequently show the world what a beautiful deserving damsel they are, the doggie points are high. Eventually you will be lauded and offered more money than you once again know what to do with.

But then again there are the sly ones, who come dressed as dogs because even that gets them equal or if not more attention.

That said- let’s have a collective look at the 5 most confused, scary looking damsels who are readily awaiting society’s validation and of course their requisite paycheck…

Images courtesy of Huffington Post:

The Kaiser will never care how you feel about him, feelings are for mortals.

5- Karl Lagerfield at this stage of the game is immortal, he needs no ones permission and not once has he ever sought it. Of course this gives Karl the ultimate high in dressing for the way he feels and to this day, the dark obsequious glasses serve to preempt society lesser food chain types looking into his eyes. It’s a look that is obviously out dated and fantastically vulgar- but this is Karl, and you bitches need to understand he invented the word fashion and needn’t explain himself to society peons. We see your soul Karl, nearly anyway…

Kristen Stewart- "I am a very cute mess aren't I?"

4/ Kristen Stewart. Young heart throb that has half of America’s young boys between the ages of 14 and 17 clamming up between their bedsheets between the hours of 10.30 pm and 1 am was certainly a little askew this past Monday night. With black fish nets covering her scrawny legs we think Kristen has added another hour of insomnia to the young boys that she beckons, but sadly another loud yawn for types like us that finally made it past puberty.